Always Discreet Boutique Women’s Adult Extra Absorbent Underwear. 20Pk Size: S/M

Discover the secret to maximum incontinence protection, that's actually pretty, with Always Discreet Boutique Underwear. The secret? Hidden inside is a super absorbent core that turns liquid to gel to absorb even your heaviest leaks. The curve-hugging, feminine design that defines your silhouette is made of silky-soft fabric with delicate, lacy prints, so it looks, fits, and feels like your real underwear. So you can feel protected and pretty, unlike adult diapers. It's maximum protection, you can depend on, made beautiful.

How is ALWAYS DISCREET Boutique different from other underwear products?

ALWAYS DISCREET Boutique Underwear offers maximum protection that looks, feels, and fits like real underwear. The absorbency channels transform liquid to gel for secure protection, even for your heaviest leaks. The beautifully styled colored underwear has silky-smooth fabric and a variety of feminine lacy prints, so you can feel protected and pretty.

How is ALWAYS DISCREET different from similar products?

ALWAYS DISCREET Underwear offers incredible protection that hugs your curves from every angle. The RapidDry core turns liquid to gel to help keep you dry. Also, the Double LeakGuards help keep wetness away from edges.

How do I find the right size for me?

ALWAYS DISCREET Underwear comes in sizes from small to extra-large as well as two different fits. ALWAYS DISCREET also has liners and pads in a range of absorbencies for your bladder leak needs. Check the chart above to find the right product for you.


ALWAYS DISCREET Underwear has a light, fresh scent and has been dermatologically tested. It uses exclusive OdorLock technology to neutralize urine odors instantly and continuously rather than simply covering up odors.

How long should I wear ALWAYS DISCREET before changing it?

You should change your ALWAYS DISCREET Underwear whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Many women change after they experience a bladder leak.


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Why do some underwear have just a bow and others have a floral design?

Each ALWAYS DISCREET Boutique underwear package contains three different prints to give you variety just like regular underwear. The prints are a simple bow for everyday elegance and two different floral prints for days when you’re feeling a bit dressier.

Always Discreet Boutique Adult Underwear. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.